December 09
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The war could have been avoided, and for this purpose it was necessary to have a national idea, to direct the whole potential to it, to emphasize the appropriate education of generation from school and to prepare for the fight, political analyst Tevan Poghosyan stated during the discussion on Tuesday.

"We should have transformed the Nation-Army idea into a way of life. We did not appreciate the national resource, which was the basis of our victory, and after 2018 this component was hit hardest. I have been saying since 2012, as a deputy, that there will be a war, and we must prepare for it. We must educate the future worshippers taking into account the mistakes of the present day," the expert stressed.

He noted that the war is not over yet, the Armenian society lives in a state of war, but not with the psychology of war, though Aliyev wants to seize not only the corridor through Syunik, but the whole Armenia.

"The authorities do not talk about holding the Lachin corridor and ensuring security along this road, that is, they cannot implement even the points of the statement of November 9. A losing government will bring new defeats, so it is necessary to form national authorities that can lead the country out of the current situation. It is important to understand that the November 9 statements are only a cease-fire document. No document on surrendering any of our rights can be signed," Poghosyan added.

He urged Armenians to remember the decisions and interests the U.S. pursued in our region a century ago and now.

"What should we think since the U.S. made oil investments in the Absheron Peninsula? We shouldn't be offended by the fact that this or that country is pursuing its interests. We should only bet on ourselves," concluded the political scientist.

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