December 07
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Armenia is in a deep security crisis, and the authorities are unable to protect the territorial integrity of the country. Second President Robert Kocharyan of Armenia told this to a press conference Wednesday.

"The latest situation also showed that they are not able to engage our partners to fulfill the duties defined by the contracts. The authorities are carried away by the theory of opening an era of utopian peace, and under that theory simply ignored many security issues. The role of Baku and Ankara has significantly increased under these recent events, the levers to affect Baku and Ankara have also decreased, they are extremely limited by Russia and the CSTO," said the second president.

According to Kocharyan, ignoring security issues in this situation is a criminal inaction.

"The [Armenian] prime minister's speech at the United Nations was a eulogy for the era of peace. In fact, it meant that there are no such expectations. During the memorial service, no one wishes health to the deceased, it is simply necessary to close that page and open a new page—placed on other foundations. Recent events showed that the situation in Armenia is volatile. On the one hand there is a compulsion to make a decision, on the other hand there is a risk that this decision can explode from within. Maybe this is the factor that left the pending decisions in a semi-suspended state. All this is a legitimate consequence of the policy that has been carried out in Armenia since 2018, especially after losing the 44-day war [in the fall of 2020]," Robert Kocharyan said.

The second president emphasized that Armenia's role in the region has significantly decreased.

"To be blunt, we have brought it to the level of a ground. We [i.e., Armenia] are on the negotiating table, not at that table. No one likes the weak, the whining, no one makes friends with people of that category; the same is in international relations. Beggars are given something out of pity, not respect. The state cannot be reduced to the level of begging," said the former president of Armenia.

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