December 07
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Second President Robert Kocharyan does not see that the United States or France can take responsibility for Armenia’s security; according to him, such perspective is simply not visible. Kocharyan told about this to a press conference Wednesday

"I evaluate the statements of the United States and France positively. I consider [US House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi's visit to Armenia and the statements she made positive. I consider all the steps that help us to be insured to some extent, to restrain Azerbaijan's steps to some extent, yes, positive. I want us to be realistic, the influence of the United States on Turkey has also significantly decreased, [Turkish President] Erdogan does not listen to anyone, and Russia's influence on Azerbaijan has decreased. The president of Azerbaijan is already announcing that we should not pin hopes on any calls. About whom was that allusion? It is clear, no? We should assess this situation correctly and not fall from one extreme to the other extreme," Kocharyan said.

According to the second president of Armenia, in this case, Russia has real opportunities, but it is constrained by the Ukrainian war.

"The role of the Russian Federation has decreased also due to our defeat [against Azerbaijan in the 44-day war in the fall of 2020]. Today, Russia is trying to build similar relations with Azerbaijan as well. When you carefully read [Russian FM] Lavrov's statements in Azerbaijan, you will see what place they give to Azerbaijan in their policy in the South Caucasus. Now, accusing Russia of why Russia is taking steps based on its national interests is pointless. To sharpen our society against Russia, worse for us. Yes, the situation can change, we shall actively convince Russia that Armenia still represents something of itself in this region, that with this policy you can lose Armenia. We need to make sure, but nothing is being done in that regard. We don't do anything, then we say: ‘Why is Russia building more active relations with Azerbaijan?’ If you are not there, what should it do? Not deal with this region?”

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