December 07
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There have been very serious statements at all levels in Iran; they seem to say: "Let's negotiate, see how we can be useful in this matter." Second President Robert Kocharyan of Armenia told this to a press conference Wednesday, when asked whether it is possible to freeze time and restore the Armenian army's combat-readiness through Iran.

"What is the weakest place in Armenia? I think it is Syunik [Province]. This is the area for which Turkey and Azerbaijan express their greatest wishes—and this is done openly. A specific question: Apart from Armenia, for which country is Syunik important? Iran. Was this hard to guess? If we want to have a state that can take steps in addition to statements and exhortations, purely due to the combination of interests, it is Iran. Almost nothing was done during these two years, at least one or two military exercises should have been conducted with Iran in Syunik, there should have been some legal contract base, and that would have been the biggest deterrent for Azerbaijan because Iran is not a state that can be stopped by waving a finger at if it pursues its national interest. I know that such a conversation took place with Iran in May 2021, but then the Armenian side simply froze that topic and did not take any steps to continue. By the way, the offer was not ours either.

We have already lost two years. Let's not do it now, let's say again that the situation is not good, after a year we will say whether we have time. This is the step you have to take anyway. I did not negotiate with the Iranians, but I know that such negotiations took place. In Iran, there have been very serious statements at all levels, starting from the spiritual leader, the president, and high-ranking military officers. They seem to say: ‘Let's negotiate, see how we can be useful in this matter.’ It is impossible not to hear, not to understand what is being said. Why was this not done two years ago, one year ago? It should have been done at least in the spring of 2021. We have had time. Now we have to do so that after two years we don't say whether we have time," said Robert Kocharyan.

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