November 27
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The Republic of Armenia is not going to discuss any capitulation, Ruben Rubinyan, deputy speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia told Radio Azatutyun, stressing that he does not agree with the use of that word, which is heard very often today, including in the context of discussions between the former presidents.

The sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia are not bargainable, stressed the deputy of the ruling Citizens' Agreement faction.

Asked if Ter-Petrosyan is right that the task now is to find the least painful solution, there is no other way out and delaying will be worse, Rubinyan said, "We need a solution, and we need a solution that will ensure a lasting peace and ensure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia; the government is moving in that direction and is ready to do everything to achieve such a solution. But I, for example, see, also in the context of the discussion of the former presidents, that the word " capitulation" is heard very often. I strongly disagree with the use of this word not only in the context of the November 9 statement, but in the context of any decision in general. The November 9 document was a cease-fire with hard conditions, but it was not a surrender, and the Republic of Armenia is not going to discuss any surrender. The Republic of Armenia will preserve both sovereignty and territorial integrity at any cost, we are talking about solutions."

To the question of what is the red line of Yerevan in that case in the issue of making a decision, the NA Vice President answered that "The sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia are not subject to bargaining.

In response to the comment that if a peace treaty is signed with Azerbaijan that does not mention Nagorno Karabakh, tomorrow Azerbaijan will say, "you signed this document, we will solve our issues with Karabakh Armenians ourselves," Rubinyan said that this is why the Armenian side insists that the security and rights of the people of Nagorno Karabakh must be resolved.

"If the goal of a peace treaty is to establish a lasting peace, it means that there must be adequate guarantees on all of its components, or not just all of its components, but all of the components that violate the peace. We believe that it would be logical to hold negotiations between the representatives of Artsakh [Nagorno-Karabakh - ed.] and Azerbaijan," he noted.

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