December 07
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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said the statement of the Ministry of Defense says Russian Federation, but his statement does not say anything about the Russian Federation and no specific country is mentioned. His remarks came during his interview to the Public Television of Armenia today, answering the question whether he meant the Russian Federation when he said yesterday at the governmental session that there are cases when money has been paid but weapons are not supplied, including by allies, while the Ministry of Defense stated today that the military and technical cooperation with Russia is in accordance with the concluded agreements.

"There is no contradiction with the statement of the Defense Ministry because there are many nuances that are not subject to disclosure. By the way, the Defense Ministry phrased it accurately, but I repeat: if I thought it necessary to name the country, I would have done so, I said what I thought necessary, everything I said, I said correctly. And the MoD, of course, did not present anything wrong.

So far, by the way, there's a lot of things written in the treaties. They also have a clause about what happens in the event of non-delivery of weapons by the specified deadline and so on, there is a lot there. Naturally, everything happens in accordance with the treaties," Pashinyan said.

Asked whether Armenia now needs to reclaim the money paid or if we should wait for weapon deliveries or if it will have an impact on relations with the ally country, he said that it is necessary to separate the statement of the Defense Ministry from his statement.

The statement of the Ministry of Defense says the Russian Federation, but my statement says nothing about the Russian Federation and no specific country is mentioned. As for the case I mentioned, it is one of the options - either the money is returned and weapons are bought from another place or we get the intended weapons," said the head of the Cabinet.

Asked if there was an answer, Pashinyan said he didn't want to talk about the details because it is confidential information.

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