December 04
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said they did not encounter any other position from Moscow during the closed meetings. They have not encountered any other approach from Moscow at high and top levels. His remarks came during his interview with Public Television today, commenting on Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk's statement about unblocking.

Overchuk said that during the talks between the Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan no "extraterritorial corridor" in any way infringing upon the sovereignty of any of the sides was or can be discussed.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova also made a statement about the need to withdraw troops to their initial positions without specifying which countries they were talking about.

"It is very important that all parts of Russia act within this logic and act in a way that does not leave the impression of actions different from the officially published campaigns on the part of Russia. This is very important. There were such phenomena. We have articulated these issues clearly to our Russian colleagues.

We believe it is important that Overchuk, who, by the way, has always made clear assessments and represented the realities around which we are holding discussions. In this sense I really appreciate his work. He is co-chairman of the trilateral commission and plays an important organizational role. His positions both at the working level and at the official level are always clear.

It is very important that other Russian government bodies that are directly or indirectly related to the topic do not take any actions that would call into question the sincerity of officially published positions.

If I may, I will not elaborate on what this is all about. Not because I have anything to hide from our people, but because this is a working process, and at this point I don't think it's correct to say more.

Is there anything in Overchuk's words that I would like to correct? There is no such thing.

A question may arise: if everything is so clear and straightforward, why isn't this issue being addressed?

In my assessment, this issue would have been resolved long ago, if Azerbaijan did not make aggressive statements. Azerbaijan is trying to put territorial demands against Armenia into subtext.

The rhetoric about the corridor. What kind of rhetoric is that? Or the rhetoric about Eastern Zangezur. That is, if there is Eastern Zangezur, then there is also Western Zangezur? What kind of rhetoric is this? Are we against unblocking the roads? ", Pashinyan stressed.

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