November 27
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The First President of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, has commented on the article published in Haykakan Zhamanak daily Monday about Azerbaijan's demands. In the comment, which was published by, it is said as follows:

"The response refers to today's publication of the personal/family media of the Prime Minister of Armenia, which, in fact, is a negative response to the proposal to start a dialogue between the opposition and the authorities.

The President appreciates this publication for revealing Azerbaijan's demands regarding the expected normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. It is, in fact, nothing but the Azerbaijani draft of the text of the Armenian-Azerbaijani reconciliation agreement, the details of which, as was noted in the interview of the First President of Armenia on September 26, were only known to the Prime Minister and a narrow circle of the upper echelon of the authorities. Naturally, Armenia has also prepared a similar draft, the details of which are not disclosed, and it is true that they are not disclosed due to political counseling considerations.

It is clear that similar drafts are being prepared on both sides also on the platform of diplomatic contacts aimed at the reconciliation of Armenian-Turkish relations. In this case, certainly, no big surprises are expected. The Armenian-Turkish reconciliation agreement, in fact, will not differ much from the Zurich protocols signed between [then Turkish and Armenian FMs] Davutoglu and Nalbandian on October 10, 2009.

Thus, it should be recorded that the need for the platform initiated by His Holiness the Patriarch [Catholicos of All Armenians] between the authorities and the opposition can be considered depleted, which, however, does not at all diminish the persistent efforts of His Holiness, which, due to the fact of the publication that is the reason for this reaction, have already given their results. By the way, the First President of Armenia considers it necessary to emphasize as well that a significant event took place thanks to the initiative of His Holiness. Since 1998, the first major political debate took place in Armenia."

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