December 06
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Armenia has the potential to have its own powerful military-industrial complex within several years, Hayk Chobanyan, executive director of the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises, told

He said that Armenia has local arms production: these are the enterprises that have been engaged in this problem for a long time. "Part of it has been the personal investments of people whose dedication is the basis that we have been able to endure for so long and get to the level of production. The news is that lately the private sector has also been interested in investing in the military-industrial complex. It is mainly the Armenian circles, including those in the diaspora. We must say to the credit of our military industrial complex that we have this sphere. Yes, it is very weak, but it has serious development potential and the potential for the Armenian military-industrial complex to have its share in Armenia's technological sphere as soon as possible," Chobanyan added.

Along with that, the Executive Director of the Union of the Enterprises of Advanced Technologies noticed that the enterprises of the military-industrial complex need serious support in development. They are not in a position to ensure development their joint investments.

He explained that the military industry needs the support of the state by 5-10 times which is currently being provided to it. Since the sphere is of strictly strategic importance for Armenia, taking into consideration the military and political, geopolitical situation and the present situation, the policy towards those enterprises, according to the expert, should be such that they operate 24/7.

"The production of the military-industrial complex is the most difficult and vulnerable direction in the sphere of high-tech industry, and our approach boils down to the following: all the enterprises must work to the full extent of their capabilities, and the state must ensure this work," he concluded.

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