February 27
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Azerbaijan will keep the tension on the frontline until its proposed agenda is completed. Tigran Abrahamyan, secretary of the opposition "With Honor" Faction in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia (RA) and a security expert, wrote about this on Facebook Saturday morning.

"Even the RA authorities’ assurance about recognizing Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] as part of Azerbaijan will not stop Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan sees in the RA a governing force under whose conditions the ‘Azerbaijani dream’ can be realized; and this is not only Artsakh, the ‘corridor,’ or the so-called ‘enclaves.’

The source of neutralizing or mitigating threats of Azerbaijan is inside the country [i.e., Armenia] because no serious problem will be resolved without the removal of these [Armenian] authorities [from power].

And will it be resolved if they are removed?

In that case, Armenia will at least have a chance, which is not so in their [i.e., the incumbent Armenian authorities] case. I'm not even talking yet about the fact that the foci of external and internal confrontation have not been extinguished inside the country, and I myself see the possibility of smashing the faces of the Azerbaijanis under the conditions of normal [Armenian] authorities.

Maybe it's because I see the untapped potential of our armed forces, and I'm confident about the strength of many [Armenian] military personnel who are in the ranks or in the reserve today.

The [Armenian] state just needs to take care of its servicemen, the army, provide them with the resources to fight and win. In that case, we won't have a problem of tough guys fighting at the border and, in general, in the country," the opposition MP added.

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