December 08
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A group of French intellectuals, including Nobel literature laureate Annie Hernot, called on the French to join the protests, accusing President Emmanuel Macron of not doing enough to help the poor cope with high prices while some companies make unforeseen profits.

Emmanuel Macron is using inflation to widen the wealth gap, to increase capital gains at the expense of the rest of us, reads a text published in the Journal Du Dimanche by a group of 69 signatories, including writers, filmmakers and university professors.

The government has not done enough to combat rising energy prices and has refused to raise taxes on companies that make excess profits because of high inflation.

While inflation in France has risen sharply this year, mainly because of the war in Ukraine, the increase is one of the lowest among eurozone countries in recent months because the French government has taken measures ranging from a gas price freeze to food checks and special subsidies on gasoline prices.

The signers called for them to join a protest march planned for Oct. 16 by a political movement of the far-left La France Insoumise, which this year has allied with more moderate leftist parties to form France's largest opposition bloc.

The La France Insoumise march, against the high cost of living and inaction in the fight against climate change, will take place amid tough union resistance to Macron's planned pension reform and strikes by workers demanding higher wages.

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