January 28
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The world is trying to understand what the "surprise" appearance of Kim Jong-un's daughter means for the future of the DPRK, Politico wrote.

The North Korean leader has already appeared twice with his daughter at state events in November. South Korean journalists believe the girl's name is Kim Joo-ae and she is nine years old.

No one, from U.S. officials to prominent experts in Washington and Seoul, has yet had a clear answer as to why this was done, the publication notes.

Moon Chung-in, a former advisor to South Korea's former president on unification, international relations and national security, believes that Kim Jong-un was trying to simultaneously show the country's nuclear power and his attachment to his family by displaying his two most valuable assets. In doing so, going public with his child allows the North Korean leader to distinguish himself from his father, Kim Jong-il, who was much more secretive. Moon Chung-in, however, notes that it is too early to speculate that Kim Jong-un is preparing his daughter for future leadership.

But Victor Cha, head of the Korea Studies Division at the U.S. Center for Strategic and International Studies, is confident that the arrival of a daughter is part of Kim Jong-un's long-term PR campaign. The expert recalls that the North Korean leader first introduced his wife, Ri Sol-ju, a year after he came to power. He then showed off his younger sister, Kim Yo-jong. This shows that the Kim family will continue to rule in the future, emphasizes Cha.

However, some experts are inclined to believe that by appearing in public with his child, Kim Jong-un is simply trying to divert attention from his nuclear program and new weapons tests.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un first showed his daughter in public on November 19 at a test of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental missile. On November 27, the North Korean leader and his daughter held a joint photo session with North Korean defense industry workers.

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