January 28
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Last night the National Assembly of France, following the Senate, passed a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's aggression against Armenia and Artsakh.

The government of France believes that the resolution on assistance to Armenia "does not reflect the official position".

The government's position is reflected in the November 29 statement that "France continues to encourage the parties to advance in negotiations to achieve a chance for peace."

"First, the resolution itself has no force of law. Second, is France hindering Armenia with such a tough stance or not? If negotiations reach a stalemate, will France protect Armenia if the latter finds itself in a difficult situation?" questioned Kaitz Minasyan, an expert at the Paris Institute of Political Science.

Macron speaks of Azerbaijan's direct aggression and calls it an aggressive state.

Aliyev realizes that France has a tough stance on Armenia and Artsakh, and this is unacceptable for him. Otherwise, it will turn out that he voices complaints on the one hand, and gives Macron's consent to his meeting with Pashinyan on the other.

The last meeting in Prague was held in a quadrilateral format, also attended by the French president, and the sides agreed to meet again in the same format.

"And now Aliyev is already against it. He is looking towards Russia and at the same time wants to split the West: the US on one side and France on the other. Moreover, Aliyev also wants to split the EU and France, stating his agreement with the EU and his dissatisfaction with France's intervention," Minasyan told

According to him, Aliyev is mistaken, he does not know the peculiarities of the EU, he does not understand that it is impossible to do anything on the EU level without France and Germany.

"France certainly wants to participate in the next quadrilateral meeting, convincing Armenia that a one-on-one meeting with the head of the European Council and Aliyev does not bode well. Charles Michel, as the head of the European Council and a Belgian, considers the territorial integrity of the state more important than the right of nations to self-determination.

In addition, the EU and Azerbaijan have stated their readiness to conclude an oil and gas deal. Aliyev is trying to use this as well, showing that he is ready to work with the Europeans, while trying to show France that he is a strong leader.

The latest incident at the meeting of the CSTO Security Council also encourages Aliyev, who speaks of his readiness to negotiate through the mediation of Russia and Europe, but without France," the political analyst said.

Aram Danielyan

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