January 28
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Noteworthy situation regarding the case of the incident with NA [(National Assembly)] [ruling majority] CC [“Civil Contract” Faction] MP Sisak Gabrielyan and citizens.

According to the information of Zhoghovurd daily, the prosecutor refuses to sign and send the case to court, as a result of which the case is again being sent to the investigative body to continue the investigation.

According to the information we received, the case even reached the court and was sent back from the court to the investigative body to conduct an investigation again.

And what incident is it about? As it is known, on December 28, 2020, near the National Assembly [side] entrance on [Derenik] Demirchyan Street, an incident took place between the MPs of the NA "My Step" Faction and the citizens who were carrying out a protest action. A video appeared on the internet, in which it can be seen how the citizens blocked the front of Sisak Gabrielyan's car. The citizens were making (…) expressions when Gabrielyan got out of the car in anger, and a melee started, during which mutual cursing was heard. In the video, it is seen how Gabrielyan hits and drags one of the citizens, then the given citizen is seen lying on the ground.

And here, for 2 years, there is an investigation into this case. Sisak Gabrielyan is the injured party, and the only accused is [opposition Armenian Revolutionary Federation] ARF [Dashnaktsutyun Party of Armenia] SB [Supreme Body] member, former governor of Aragatsotn [Province] Ashot Simonyan. By the way, Simonyan has petitioned to law enforcement to be able to leave the country, but he has not been able to leave the country for two years already, and the investigation has been moving from here to there for two years.

The situation does not end there. It was decided to take this case from the proceedings of the Anti-Corruption Committee and transfer [it] to the [Yerevan] Arabkir [district] investigative department of the RA Investigative Committee.

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