February 04
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The parties worked together, and the Red Cross was not involved directly. This was reported to by Zara Amatuni, Communication and Prevention Program Manager of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Armenia office, and referring to the statement by the National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia, and which it notes that on December 1, the Armenian side had transferred to the Azerbaijani side the bones of ten Azerbaijani casualties of the first Karabakh war, presumably, and two maps showing the possible locations of four corpses.

"Thus, from November 9, 2020 until today, the Armenian side has handed over the bones of 140 casualties of the first Karabakh war and 5 maps to the Azerbaijani side," the aforesaid NSS statement had added.

To the question whether the Armenian side had carried out the transfer through the Red Cross, or whether the process had taken place without an intermediary, Zara Amatuni answered that the process had place without the involvement of the Red Cross.

"I can say that the parties worked with each other in this regard, we [i.e., the Red Cross] were not directly involved in this particular action. At the moment, we do not have any confirmation regarding our participation," said Amatuni.

Regarding the bodies of the 13 Armenian servicemen who were killed by Azerbaijan's attack on September 13-14 transferred by Azerbaijan to the Armenian side on November 28 and the involvement of the Red Cross in that process, Zara Amatuni said that the Red Cross was involved in that last process as a neutral humanitarian organization participating by being present, and which was carried out between the authorities of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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