February 03
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Our main obligation is to maintain peace and stability in the country, which is a determinant of our well-being. We have been at war three times since we regained our independence, that is enough. We want to develop our country in a reasonable way, it is national policy, not war, stated Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili, reports First Channel of Georgia.

According to the Prime Minister, the fact that there is peace and stability in the country is the merit of the current government.

"I want to remind these hypocritical politicians - who of the politicians we have seen die in the war? Some talk too much, active on Facebook, let them go and fight on the front lines, not in Kyiv, where they take selfies, if they really want to participate in the war in Ukraine.

From every tragedy they try to extract political dividends, we will always remind them that this is immoral hypocrisy, which has nothing to do with the national interests of our country, its defense. We remember well the statements of the representatives of the "war party," their public defender Mrs. Lomjaria - we prefer the bombs to fall. We are concerned about what is happening in Ukraine, but look at the NATO member states, EU countries, how they behave.

We are an occupied country. So every word we say and every action we take needs awareness, a lot of awareness. We are well aware of that. They must apologize every day, morning and evening, to our people and society for what they have done to the country. Let them leave us alone now and let us run the state. The fact that there is peace and stability in the country is the merit of the current government," said Garibashvili.

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