January 27
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: According to our information, the commander of peacekeeping forces of the Russian Federation in Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)], Major General Andrey Volkov, has been an information target of the Azerbaijani side for a long time.

For several months now, the entire Azerbaijani propaganda machine has been engaged in total attacks to the person of Volkov; here they are doing everything possible to discredit the Russian peacekeeping contingent [in Artsakh], as well as to achieve a change in the commander of the peacekeepers.

According to the newspaper’s information, in order to realize their goals, the Azerbaijanis, according to their custom, are also trying to look for options in Moscow and "stir up." As a "justification," they claim that as if Volkov has a pro-Armenian position, does not meet the standards of peacekeepers, and does not maintain tolerance and equality between the parties. Even from the lightest research, it becomes clear that many Azerbaijani websites and Telegram channels, without giving each other a turn, prepare reports where they try to portray Volkov as a person serving the interests of Armenians.

Led us add also that in this period they are publicizing various types of fake information and videos directed at the general and trying to create an artificial background around his person.

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