February 01
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Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, Azerbaijani Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev and Armenian Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan held a meeting at the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. Welcoming his colleagues, the head of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office thanked them for their mutual willingness to develop a professional dialogue in a trilateral format.

Noting that Anna Vardapetyan recently took office, Igor Krasnov qualified the trilateral meeting as a good opportunity to get acquainted personally.

The Prosecutor General of Russia noted that the event follows up on the statements adopted jointly by the Presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia, starting from November 2020. They emphasize the common interests of the three countries - comprehensive normalization of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations, ensuring peace, stability, security and sustainable economic development of the South Caucasus.

"I believe this approach is the only effective means to achieve the much-anticipated mutual understanding on the settlement of the border conflict and other tasks facing the prosecutor's offices of our states," said Igor Krasnov.

Local conflicts and crises undoubtedly not only have a destructive effect on the geopolitical situation but also provide fertile ground for criminality to flourish, the spread of terrorist and extremist ideas and the cultivation of hatred and enmity," the Prosecutor General of Russia emphasized.

In this regard Igor Krasnov outlined his vision of the main task of law enforcement agencies and first of all of prosecutors: to unite their efforts and means, synchronize further actions to counteract the growing threats to security, restore law and order, normalize citizens' lives and prevent escalation of tension.

As true servants of the law, we are obliged to provide people with normal conditions for life and development, protecting them from the destructive influence of criminals," the Prosecutor General of Russia noted.

"The corresponding instructions to my subordinates - military prosecutors - have been given," he added.

Igor Krasnov expressed confidence that today's meeting will be another firm and confident step towards the achievement of these high goals.

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