September 28
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Azerbaijan presents new demands to Armenia ahead of the anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in the Azerbaijani capital Baku.

This time, these demands are noted in the statement of the recently appeared organization called "Community of Western Azerbaijan" and were published by the Azerbaijani mass media.

"Western Azerbaijan" is the entire territory of modern-day Armenia claimed by the Azerbaijani side, not limited to Zangezur. At the very beginning of the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict, the Azerbaijanis living in Armenia sold or exchanged their houses and apartments, seized their property, and left for their historical homeland.

Hundreds of thousands of Armenians living in Azerbaijan, however, were massacred, the survivors left the country without belongings or warm clothes. Azerbaijanis occupied the apartments of Armenians in Baku and other Azerbaijani cities.

And now Azerbaijanis are making demands to Armenia; moreover, on the eve of the anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in Baku.

The essence of the aforesaid statement written on many pages is that they "demand the government of Armenia to create conditions, within the framework of the international process, for the safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from their homes [in Armenia] and to ensure their individual and collective rights after returning there."

The Azerbaijani side appeals to the right enshrined in several international acts, and asks the UN member states and other relevant organizations to "show assistance for the safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis deported from the current territory of Armenia."

To note, any process of return of displaced persons and refugees should be reciprocal. Thus, as the aggressor, Azerbaijan is the first to either ensure the safe return of hundreds of thousands of Armenians to Azerbaijan—although it is unlikely that any Armenian would want to return to Azerbaijan after all that has occurred—or to pay for moral and material damages.

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