September 29
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The accommodation—of the engineer-sapper troop of the military unit located in Azat village of Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province where a fire broke out at night—has been completely destroyed by the fire.

Armenian presents below photos from the scene.

Earlier, Armenian reported that at around 1:30am on Thursday, a fire broke out—under still unknown circumstances—in the accommodation of the engineer-sapper troop of the military unit located in the territory of Azat village of Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province. According to preliminary data, 15 servicemen have died as a result of this fire, and three others are injured.

Criminal proceedings have been launched into this incident.

And at today's Cabinet session of the government, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan gave details on this incident.

“(…) not only gasoline was used, but according to preliminary data, the [defense] minister reported that special burners are allocated to light the stoves, so that there will be no need for additional things. An attempt was made to fill the furnace with a 5-liter container. Naturally, when there was an open fire, not only the stove was burned, but also the gasoline. The fire spread to the officer who was trying to light the stove, after which, based on self-defense instinct, the 5-liter gasoline was thrown in the direction of the military unit's accommodation. I guess not on purpose. After that, it is already clear what happened,” Pashinyan had stated.

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