September 29
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If there had been real, serious pressure, it would have had, at the very least, a very heavy impact on the authorities. If there had been strong pressure, not only Papikyan, but also Pashinyan would have at least announced their readiness to resign. Whether or not they would have accepted the resignation is another issue, but there would have been such political gestures, political analyst Vigen Hakobyan told

He does not believe that there is any real serious pressure on the authorities.

"Unfortunately, the matter is not as loud as the kitchen conversations but the sound should be much louder. The authorities should have put forward a version in order to fill the news airwaves with some information. The version had to be far from the political topic, as it was impossible to blame everything on the "exes," so a domestic version had to be put forward," Hakobyan added.

He noted that the authorities remain faithful to their style of trying to blame anyone but themselves.

"Now they've come up with a new culprit - the DNA. Before that, the culprits were the army, the geopolitical centers, the former, our brains. The authorities often make statements that are directed at their own electorate in an attempt to feed them another lie and divert attention from the real agenda, such as the cause of this situation in the army," the expert stressed.

The authorities do not pay attention to public opinion, and the most important problem, according to his assessment, is that a very large number of people have turned Armenia into a virtual country, and this indicates that not only the country is not established, but also the society.

"The latter consists of different segments that pursue their own group interests. Society in Armenia, as well as the Diaspora, does not have a single national idea around which all Armenians would unite. Until 2018, such ideas were the issue of Artsakh and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. During the resistance movement, this became evident, and the mistake of the opposition was that it did not try to broaden the social base by announcing topics that would interest different segments, not just the issue of security," Hakobyan concluded.

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