April 01
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The letter of Head of Azerbaijan's Permanent Mission to the UN Yashar Aliyev addressed to the organization's Secretary General António Guterres has been circulated as a document of the General Assembly and Security Council, AZERTAG reported, publishing the content of the letter.

The letter lists all the Azerbaijani "evidence" that is periodically discussed in the media and is based on fabricated materials. Interestingly, the Azerbaijani official listed 3,890 as missing in the first war, thus refuting the figure of nearly 5,000 missing which is periodically referred to in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani official "brought the facts of Armenian atrocities to the attention of the UN," citing allegedly found graves as "evidence. We should remind you that the graves were mysteriously "located" at the same hour and moment, where Azerbaijani soldiers occupying the territories of Nagorno-Karabakh were. Needless to say, no expertise was conducted - apparently, simply because there was nothing to examine and all the "evidence" is nothing more than unsubstantiated claims.

"In 2022 alone, Armenia handed over to Azerbaijan 67 sacks with the mixed remains of 106 people," Aliyev said. Meanwhile, earlier the Armenian side stated about transferring the remains of 108 people to Baku, and such "inaccuracies" are unforgivable for an Azerbaijani official.

As expected, Aliyev did not say a word about the tortured Armenians, the remaining Armenians in Azerbaijani captivity, dozens of Armenians held in Azerbaijan, but whose presence in Baku is refused to recognize. Similarly, the Azerbaijani official "forgot" to tell about the numerous facts of the shooting of Armenian prisoners by the Azerbaijani military as recently as September 2022.

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