March 29
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Azerbaijan will open the Lachin corridor sooner or later, torturing NKR Armenians, but it will periodically open and close the corridor so that a significant part of Armenians will leave, a significant part, but not all, until it gets a corridor to Nakhijevan, former Armenian Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan told

"After it was announced in Prague that Armenia recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan without mentioning the right of the people of Artsakh for self-determination, Azerbaijan, considering Artsakh its own, decided to provoke. The peacekeepers were not satisfied, referring to the statement of November 9, pointing to the unresolved status of Artsakh and the fact that they keep control of the Lachin corridor with a proposal to extend this right.

In four years, we will see both Artsakh without Armenians and the corridor through Syunik. As soon as they get a corridor through Syunik, Baku will destroy Artsakh in front of the whole world, and no one will say a word. If we want to hold Sunik, we must hold Artsakh," Bagratyan said.

He informed that houses are actively sold in Jermuk and Kapan, and this was not the case four months ago, which means the problem of expelling Artsakh Armenians from Syunik is still outstanding. The former Prime Minister reminded that Azerbaijan's desire for ethnic cleansing is not new.  "At the same time, the West did not oppose a corridor through Syunik. The Russians, on the other hand, said the road should have a status that does not violate Armenia's sovereignty. Instead of using this argument, the authorities in Yerevan started picking on the Russians and the base in Gyumri. As long as there is a Russian factor, there is a Syunik problem for Pashinyan. There is a witness who will point to Nikol's betrayal. So Pashinyan, getting rid of it, will perpetuate his power, but at the cost of the fact that the people may become nomadic," Bagratyan stressed.

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