April 01
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The number one task in Armenia is the removal of PM Nikol Pashinyan and the incumbent authorities from power. As long as they exist, it is meaningless to talk about the future; and according to the forecasts, the future will be very bad. Political analyst Argishti Kiviryan announced this during a discussion held on Friday.

He stated that the incumbent authorities have turned Armenia into a military testing ground not only for the superpowers, but also for the countries of the region.

"We have reached the point where the political process is already dictated by Azerbaijan, a country that we showed its place in the 1990s. In order to solve other problems, one should think about how to get rid of the incumbent [Armenian] authorities, take power, and implement effective programs. Otherwise, Armenia may become a part of neighboring countries in the future," Kiviryan said.

According to him, there is a collapse in the political arena of Armenia. The analyst noted that there is not only accountable authorities, but also an accountable opposition in Armenia.

As per Kiviryan, the political forces that have ideas and concepts realize that Armenia must be saved. He urged to unite and try to develop mechanisms to remove the current Armenian authorities from power and implement security plans.

"These forces must show that they can get the country out of the crisis after the change of power. In the Armenian scene, there are three options for a change of power: elections, revolution, or a hybrid of elections and revolution," Kiviryan said, in particular.

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