April 02
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 Washington is working very actively in the open field and backstage diplomacy to open the Lachin corridor in the first place, international analyst Suren Sargsyan told Armenian

"Of course, there is certain pressure on Aliyev because what he does is shameful from the point of view of human rights, and it is perceived in the world. I think that Aliyev has made several calculations with regard to the Lachin corridor. The first calculation was that the international community is busy with other things and will not pay attention to the corridor.

"Second, he thought that the international press would not pay attention to this topic either.

"Third, I think that official Yerevan will not be very active. As a matter of fact, Yerevan is not very active. But they hoped that the Armenian community will not be active against this background of passivity. However, all these calculations were not justified: the diaspora was very active, the international press was very active, and various articles appeared in authoritative media.

"All this affects the reputation of Azerbaijan. Now Baku is in a situation where it cannot open the Lachin corridor, because it has problems with saving face, but it cannot keep it closed either, as the international pressure increases. Aliyev has been compared to Hitler, who implemented the blockade of Leningrad," Sargsyan said.

Asked whether Aliyev thought that he may have created a hopeless situation in Artsakh and that Armenians will leave en masse when he opens a corridor, the expert said: "That was also a calculation; but Artsakh people have not given up.

"And Aliyev's calculations were wrong. Yes, according to Aliyev, it was necessary to attack Karabakh in winter so that a crisis would immediately occur, the people were deprived of heating, hot water, electricity, gas, food, etc.

"But Artsakh people didn't give up; these plans of Aliyev would fall apart by the spring. The people of Karabakh proved that they are ready to fight even in these difficult conditions, even if Yerevan left them alone."

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