March 26
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As a result of the ongoing blockade by Azerbaijan, many problems have arisen in Artsakh's (Nagorno-Karabakh) agricultural sector, including the replenishment of the fodder base, first deputy minister of agriculture of Artsakh, Tigran Arstamyan, told Artsakhpress.

"The situation is especially critical in the domains of pig breeding and poultry breeding, due to the fact that these types of animals are fed exclusively with grain feed, as well as the fact that in January 2023, compared to the same period of the previous year, the number of pigs increased by about 30 percent; that is, fodder demand has increased. In the future, if the blockade continues, there will be a problem with concentrated and granular feed in all branches of livestock breeding," Arstamyan elaborated.

According to the deputy minister, the shortage of the aforementioned fodder will be filled for some time at the expense of reserve stocks, but serious problems may appear later because the stock is naturally not inexhaustible.

Reflecting on the existing stocks of meat products, Tigran Arstamyan emphasized that it is not possible to specify exactly how much will be enough.

"Due to the physiological requirements [in terms of providing nutrients and energy] of the human body, the available amount of meat can be considered insufficient; but the amount of products according to the calculations of the minimum basket is sufficient.

These days there is a shortage of beef and mutton in the [Artsakh] market, which is due to some seasonal features. Already in the spring months, this issue will be settled due to the maturation of newborn lambs and young ones," informed the first deputy minister of agriculture of Artsakh.

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