March 25
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Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of Armenia, Sasun Khachatryan, received Alexis Haftvani, Director of the Bureau of Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement (INL) of the US Embassy in Yerevan; Kevin Orkin, Deputy Legal Attaché of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation; and Kristina Afoyan, Criminal Justice Reform Program Manager, the Anti-Corruption Committee informed.

The purpose of the meeting was to sum up the results of certain work already carried out within the framework of the agenda of close cooperation between the US Embassy and the Anti-Corruption Committee, as well as to discuss the programs planned for the purpose of providing technical support to the newly established agency, training and involvement of experts.

Thanking the American side for continuous support and effective cooperation, the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, Sasun Khachatryan, presented the main results of the Committee's activity last year, while addressing the main issues and priorities related to personnel training and capacity development. Taking into account the rich experience of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in the field of combating corruption, the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee emphasized the improvement of the professional knowledge and abilities of the Committee's employees with the assistance of the representatives of the latter, especially with the presentation of practical experience and specific cases of investigation.

The parties also considered the need to introduce the latest information technologies and purchase equipment with greater technical capacities in order to increase the effectiveness of the investigation, as well as the training opportunities for the specialists responsible for their operation.

Embassy representatives also thanked the leadership of the Anti-Corruption Committee for close partnership relations, as well as for open and transparent activities, emphasizing that the work carried out with the Committee is a very good example of effective cooperation. They expressed their belief that the new projects outlined in the framework of the aforementioned cooperation will also be implemented with much more efficiency.

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