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Zhoghovurd daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Noteworthy circumstances are emerging in the criminal proceedings into the military servicemen who died as a result of the fire in Azat village on January 19.

According to the information we received, 2 weeks before the tragic incident, officer Y. H. wrote a report that he wanted to be dismissed from his job or, as it is customary to say, to be discharged from the military.

Why did he take this step after the military police inspections in the military unit? What happened inside the [military] accommodation, in general? Hopefully we will get answers to these questions during the investigation when the officer speaks.

Let us note that had written that the officer's [legal] defender has been included in the case of depriving the 15 soldiers of life; investigators of the RA Investigative Committee have once again summoned the officer for questioning, but the officer refused to testify.

Let us note that the officer had given a verbal testimony, told that he poured gasoline [into the stove of the aforesaid military accommodation] to heat the fire, considers himself guilty and may be tried. But he refused to testify a second time; he refused to testify even in the presence of the [legal] defender.

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