March 26
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims to have found a compromise with Russian President Vladimir Putin on interests in the Middle East, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, Iran allegedly wants to create an army and place it in Syria near the border with Israel. In addition, Tehran, in his opinion, seeks to destroy the Jewish state and expose its inhabitants to danger by developing nuclear weapons.

"I originally told Putin: 'Look, we have a choice: we can go to confrontation or we can find common ground. Israel acts freely...  We don't interfere with your actions in Syria, and you leave us alone." We have found a compromise that serves Israel's interests and therefore Putin thinks it does not threaten Russian interests," Netanyahu told the French TV channel LCI.

The politician added that he and Putin have decided to "leave each other alone."

Earlier Netanyahu noted that Israel does not want a military confrontation with Russia.

He admitted that the two countries have "complicated relations. In his words, this is connected with the fact that Israeli and Russian aircraft fly "at a spitting distance" from each other on the border with Syria. Netanyahu pointed out that Tel Aviv needs freedom of action in the air, but it could lead to confrontation with Moscow. However, the politician stressed that he does not want such a development.

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