March 25
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The fourth Armenian has died as a result of the earthquake in Turkey. This person is from the city of Iskenderun, and the identity is not known yet. Ara Kocunyan, the Chief Editor of Jamanak Armenian daily of Istanbul, told Armenian about this on Wednesday morning.

"Yesterday, during a consultation at the [Armenian] Patriarchate [of Constantinople (Istanbul)], it was reported that there is one casualty from the Armenian community in the city of Iskenderun, and there is no information about the other [Armenian] people who remained under the rubble," said Kocunyan.

Earlier, we reported that three Armenians were still under the debris in Iskenderun.

An Armenian couple and their young child were killed in Malatya, Turkey, due to the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey.

According to Ara Kocunyan, the Armenian community provides aid to the disaster victims.

"After the aftershocks in the Armenian-populated communities, people are not able to enter their apartments at the moment. They gather in the village square, they live there, the Armenian community is now dealing with the issues of meeting the needs of these people," added Kocunyan.

According to the latest data, the death toll as a result of the devastating earthquake in Turkey has risen to 6,234 in Turkey and Syria, and the number of injured has reached 37,011.

On Monday, at 5:17am, an earthquake occurred in Kahramanmaras Province of Turkey, which caused destruction in a number of cities. Two more strong earthquakes were recorded at 2:24pm and 2:36pm Armenia time. The strength of this seismic activity at the epicenter measured magnitude 10 to 11. Ten Turkish provinces, with a total population of about 13 million, were affected by the earthquake.

Seven days of mourning have been declared in Turkey.

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