June 07
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There are many countries—the UAE, China, Turkey, etc.—on the list you mentioned; being on that list is not a tragedy in itself. Armenian Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan stated this in an interview with Armenian, reflecting on the fact that the US has put Armenia on its list of countries whose companies are used in order to circumvent the sanctions against Russia.

"We [i.e., Armenia] work very openly and transparently with our EAEU partners and Western partners, alike. We are constantly in discussions with our American, European partners, and we openly discuss all issues, we tell why Armenia needs to use this or that mechanism, we explain the impossibility of excluding it, and I can say that our partners are willing to understand us and work with us. And now, we have agreed that the US partners will send specialists [to Armenia] so that we can work more cooperatively with each other. It's not about trade restrictions; it's about doing what we do more systematically, more regulated, with the introduction of risk control mechanisms, as we do not want our companies to fall under secondary sanctions, and we try to see to it that such risks do not arise. Now we are working with the EU and the US to create the environment that will keep Armenian companies away from the risk of falling under secondary sanctions," said the Armenian economy minister.

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