June 02
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Hraparak newspaper writes: On March 25, the RF [(Russian Federation)] MOD [(Ministry of Defense)] disseminated information that the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, in violation of the provisions of the [trilateral] statement of November 9, 2020, crossed the line of contact in the Shushi sector [of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)], occupied the 2054.0 height, 2.9 km to the northeast of the mountain called Sari Baba in Yegtsahogh [village], and carries out engineering work for the construction of a [military] position.

The news immediately spread that the Azerbaijani side, having captured this height, took under its control the Artsakh-Armenia mountain forest road, through which they [i.e., Artsakh] still maintained a certain connection with Armenia.

We inquired from our Artsakh source about what the situation is, how far the Azerbaijani thugs have advanced. Our interlocutor, who visited the mentioned area, said that first they [i.e., the Azerbaijanis] did not capture the dirt road, but even came close to the road, and driving on that road became dangerous—the road has come under target, so the Armenian side avoids using that road.

The enemy's armed forces have advanced about 1 kilometer, and this is also the result of the Russian peacekeepers' inaction, connivance. The peacekeepers are trying to push back the Azerbaijanis by peaceful means—they are calling, urging [them] to retreat to [their] initial positions, but so far, to no avail.

In addition, there are constant skirmishes between the Armenian defense army and Azerbaijani militants. But we have no casualties or wounded.

As for the land, alternative routes, besides this Lisagor road, there are other bypass roads that can be used to maintain the Armenia-Artsakh connection, but they are difficult to pass.

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