September 22
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It is very important to say that we are all ready to go until the end because there is no other way. It is important to state that we are ready to take responsibility and unite around the idea, and we are ready to invest our capabilities for the sake of the idea. Ruben Vardanyan, coordinator of the Artsakh Security and Development Front movement and former Minister of State of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), said this at a press conference on Thursday.

"The future of Artsakh is in our hands, not someone else's; we are the ones who decide our future. Different people from different camps have united around this idea. This is a very important example that people can unite around an idea, not a person. People have united and realized the acute situation we are facing," said Vardanyan.

"We are responsible for our future. Looking into each other's eyes, we were able to talk about the past and the idea. Actions without an idea are dangerous. We were able to put aside personal and party interests and try to listen to each other. We will do everything to make Artsakh safe, happy, Armenian, free," said the former state minister of Artsakh.

Vardanyan expressed confidence that thousands of people will join the aforesaid movement in Armenia, Artsakh, and all over the world.

"The future of Artsakh, the task of its being independent and Armenian, is the task of all Armenians," emphasized the former minister of state of Artsakh.

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