October 05
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The US ambassador to Armenia said she wanted to praise the Armenian people for their unwavering commitment to democracy in the face of security challenges. Kristina Kvien stated this in her address Wednesday at the Armenian Forum for Democracy being held in Yerevan.

With this, Armenia becomes a bright spot in the region, which was noticed in the Nations in Transit report published last week by Freedom House. The US stands with Armenians on this path to a more open, more accountable, prosperous, and safer future, the ambassador added.

Kvien emphasized that she is extremely proud of the work that the US is doing, together with the Armenian society, toward strengthening democracy and protecting human rights in Armenia.

They take steps to eliminate discrimination and promote a society where diversity and the rights of all members of society are respected, regardless of their status and position, Kvien said.

The US supports Armenia's efforts to fight corruption and strengthen the rule of law, which will increase Armenian public confidence in democratic processes, the US diplomat added.

They work together to promote the freedom of the press and ensure the free flow of information freedom of speech in Armenia, Kvien noted.

Also, they are building more resilient foundations for democracy in Armenia by promoting civic education and encouraging more active involvement by the country’s strong civil society, the US diplomat said.

Together, they can overcome challenges and create a future where freedom, justice, and democracy prevail, Ambassador Kvien stated.

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