October 05
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In my speech, I did not say that democracy in Armenia has no challenges; I said that it has no internal threats. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of Armenia stated this in his remarks Wednesday at the Armenian Forum for Democracy being held in Yerevan, referring to the remark that Armenia continues to be a member of the CSTO and EAEU, where all the participants except Armenia are non-democratic countries, and to the question as to whether Armenia creates a risk for its democracy by being in such family of authoritarian countries.

"In the sense that I consider democracy in Armenia to be irreversible from the internal point of view, whereas what dangers are there from the external point of view? I want to talk about our recent past," Pashinyan said.

"On May 10, 2021, my resignation had taken effect and the parliament was dissolved, there was practically no government, no parliament in the country. And on May 12 the invasion of Azerbaijan in the Sotk-Khoznavar sector takes place; zero reaction [to that] from the CSTO." the Armenian PM noted.

"Now there are high-ranking [Armenian] military officers arrested in a criminal case because at that time they had not taken any action to protect the sovereign territory of Armenia, and they had no explanation [for that]. If at that time our reactions had been very linear, now we would have lost both democracy and the state," Pashinyan said.

And speaking about Armenia's external challenges, the premier said: "When the Ukraine [military] operations [by Russia] had started [last year], Armenia was trying to take balanced positions with its votes, etc.; and this was creating satisfaction among all partners. But over time, Armenia's [foreign policy] field of maneuver is narrowing; this is a serious challenge and problem for all of us."

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