October 04
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There are villages, territories that are under Armenian control. We, naturally, do not talk about them, and there are parts from the sovereign territory of Armenia that are located in the occupied territories; if I am not mistaken, it is 150 square kilometers. Armenian National Assembly (NA) speaker Alen Simonyan told this to reporters at the NA yard Thursday.

"It is natural; the withdrawal of troops should take place. After the [border] demarcation, delimitation, what will be on the territory of the Republic of Armenia based on the maps, the Azerbaijani troops must and will leave. What is from the territory of Azerbaijan, is natural, the Armenian troops will withdraw," he said.

Simonyan assured that these points are very important for Armenia.

"I don't know if they will find a place in the [future peace] treaty, or if they will be resolved by some other act. It is excluded that a peace treaty will be signed beyond the 29,800 square kilometers [of Armenia], more or less; we have always said that. We have sounded out the number of 29,800 square meters, the [Armenian] prime minister has drawn a ‘red line’ from the NA podium, and we have brought that 29,800 square meters to the agenda," said Simonyan.

"I can say the same about the corridor. We have said many times that there will be no ‘corridor;’ there can be no such thing. We have taken out the talk of the ‘corridor’ and drawn a red line," he added.

And to Armenian's question as to what the guarantee will be that Azerbaijan will withdraw its troops from the sovereign territory of Armenia after the signing of the peace treaty, Simonyan responded: "If they don't leave, we won't leave the area where our troops are standing now because there are some areas that are under our control."

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