July 20
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Human rights defender Anahit Manasyan published an extraordinary report on fact-finding activities in the Tegh community of Syunik region and the border settlements of Gegharkunik in April-May 2023.

The extraordinary report presents the violations of human rights recorded by the working fact-finding groups led by the Ombudsperson in the Tegh community of Syunik Province, as well as in Verin and Nerkin Shorzha, Kut, Norabak, Sotk and Kutakan settlements in Vardenis Municipality of Gegharkunik Province.

The Azerbaijani armed forces stationed in the immediate vicinity of the border settlements of Syunik and Gegharkunik regularly carry out aggressive operations - often fire shots, create tension among the population, disrupt the peaceful life of people, carry out actions that make life difficult for the civilian population.

In March-April 2023, the Azerbaijani armed forces were deployed in the immediate vicinity of Tegh community of Syunik Province, a few hundred meters away from the houses of the residents. Moreover, on April 11, the Azerbaijani armed forces demonstrated aggressive behavior in the immediate vicinity of the settlement - fired shots in the direction of the nearby Armenian positions, used large-caliber weapons in the vicinity of the settlement, creating a real danger to people's lives and health. As a result of those shots, 4 Armenian servicemen protecting the civilian population were killed, 6 received physical injuries of various degrees.

It was recorded through fact-finding activities that the Azerbaijani armed forces are operating in the direction of the border settlements of Syunik and Gegharkunik regions with the same purpose and with the same pattern of behavior. In particular, they terrorize people by displaying weapons, shoot near communities, target the windows of residents' houses with flashlights at night, use drones in the airspace of communities.

The Azerbaijani armed forces dug trenches and deployed in grass fields, pastures and land belonging to the residents, preventing people from exercising their property rights and earning their livelihood. Moreover, the Azerbaijani soldiers dug ditches in the fields of the villagers, damaged the wheat and barley fields, did not allow people to approach their lands, and terrorized the residents by shooting and displaying weapons.

The human rights defender will send the emergency report to the RA state bodies, as well as international organisations.

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