October 05
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Today, I am here as a friend of Armenia. And I express my solidarity to the Armenian people, who after long sufferings, ultimately, have to go through great trials and need friends; our visit is also a symbol of this. Michael Roth, the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag (parliament), told this to a press conference in Armenian capital Yerevan on Wednesday.

"Although Armenia is a young democratic state in this complicated, difficult region, it is also an anchor of European values and stability, and as a worthy neighbor of the EU," Roth said.

"Unfortunately, world history has many examples of authoritarian regimes and their policies; in particular, I would mention Russia here. But we consider Armenia as a democratic country that has expressed its desire to join the civilized world in a democratic way," the German MP added.

Reflecting on Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, Roth said: "Your [i.e. Armenia’s] government has also taken a brave step by making concessions towards neighboring Azerbaijan—in defense, security of the Armenian people who want to live free and independent in their country."

"I can imagine that this can cause concerns and complaints among the Armenian public. We are also sincerely ready to understand those concerns and move in this direction as well. That is why the German chancellor, in turn, is jointly involved with the French and American parties in the process of establishing peace in this region. Our commitment is to ensure long-term peace and freedom for your country and its citizens in this region," the German lawmaker said.

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