September 24
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Interview with Gevorg Tarumyan - Chairman of the Executive Board of “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC.

Mr. Tarumyan,  even though it has not been so long since the updated version of the ABB Mobile application is available to customers, however it would be interesting to find out more about the users’ feedback. What have the customers benefited from the new digital solutions developed for the app, what are the ABB Mobile's strengths and what is the focus of improvements in progress?

The update of the ABB Mobile app was indeed preceded by a certain survey among the users. One of the most important features of the ABB Mobile app according to our customers is safety. In general, the key criteria for banking apps include safety, stability and promptness. Considerable work has been carried out to enhance safety of the application; in particular, a two-factor authentication system has been introduced.

Sometimes users feel uncomfortable when going through authentication process in the banking application. On the other hand, they realize that the procedures are designed to ensure the safety of the application. Similar situations occur also when requesting PIN codes, receiving sms...

Stability is provided through trouble-free operation, absence of technical errors, bugs and failures. To ensure this, we constantly pay special attention to technical capabilities, especially for avoiding failure on peak days and holidays.

Considering our customers' feedback, we are working also on improvement of promptness.

We are delighted to have mostly positive feedback. Transfers are fast even on Fridays and Saturdays.  It is extremely convenient that the application has a separate "Loans" section, where one can find the current loan T&Cs, rates.

Generally, the customers expect to have expanded functionality of innovative, digital solutions of mobile apps to make “everyday banking” easier. How would you assess the level of integration of different services in the updated version of the ABB Mobile application?

We have tried to combine the main payment types in the application of the Bank, promoting customer experience in digital environment.

In addition to basic banking transactions, it is also possible to make budget transfers, pay the traffic fines, real estate and vehicle property taxes and make other payments with the ABB Mobile app.  Currently, the functionality of the ABB Mobile application provides for 90% of frequently performed transactions, and in the future, it is planned to have phased active release of new services. The users of ABB Mobile app can transfer money promptly to the card account of other ABB customers, knowing just their phone number or e-mail address. 

What are the main role and benefits of mobile apps according to users' perceptions?

One of the key advantages of the Bank app is the immediate management of own resources. You have all your savings with you, this meaning less trouble and a possibility to make instant transactions as needed.

One of the benefits mentioned by users most often is timesaving and convenience. No long lines, no traffic jams ...

How was the interface change perceived by users?

The newly introduced user interface of ABB Mobile app had a lot of positive feedback. It is the ease and convenience of interface that matters for many. The app has an intuitive user-friendly interface and the home page structure has become simpler and more predictable. The ABB Mobile app equipped with a new interface, improved functionality and up-to-date solutions is  adapted to  faster transactions that can be made in just a few clicks.

As the feedback shows, the customers liked it. Of course, there have been recommendations to  modify the interface, such as grouping some functions under “Transfers” section, etc. The best possible recommendations deemed acceptable shall be gradually introduced into the system.  

In general, development of digital and modern technologies is accompanied by the need to provide support and advice to customers. What are the users’ needs and offers along with the app update?

You are right, indeed. User support from the banks is essential. We try to make modern digital tools more accessible and popular among public and ARMBUSINESSBANK puts a lot of effort in fulfillment of this mission, introducing the benefits of using digital tools to customers. And one of those tools is the ABB MOBILE application. Users expect proper security measures and proper response from banks to technical failures.

An app as such is a “living”, evolving platform improvement of which is a systematic process. Considering the suggestions of our users, we plan to have innovative solutions in the near future, i.e. adding new functionalities, collaborating with a bigger number of partners to meet customer needs, improving remote communication channels.

I believe that care is what customers expect to have, and this is much demanded both in digital environment and in face-to-face contacts.

ARMBUSINESSBANK is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia

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