October 04
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Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan commented on the postponement of the talks slated for June 12 in Washington, between the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which were postponed at the request of the Azerbaijani side.

Answering a reporter's question as to how he interpret this move by Azerbaijan in the context of border tension, Khachatryan noted that talks are something that never go smoothly.

"Of course, this time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an explanation regarding the reasons for the postponement, and I have nothing to add in this regard. I believe that these postponed talks will take place after a short time," Khachatryan said during a briefing with reporters.

To a reporter's question as to whether Azerbaijan has responded to the proposals of the Armenian side regarding the peace treaty, Khachatryan responded that it is all a working process and views are constantly exchanged.

"If at some phase we made a proposal regarding which we still do not know the position of the Azerbaijani side or vice versa, it is all a normal process. There is no need to observe anything special here. What’s important is that the parties record that the discussions and talks being held in recent times are bringing the viewpoints closer together," said the Armenian deputy PM.

And to the clarifying question as to whether the Armenian side received Azerbaijan's reactions, Khachatryan responded that the Armenian side certainly received proposals at some phase.

"Now, what was the response to our most recent proposals, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [(MFA) of Armenia] publishes clarifications in this regard. I don't want to add anything to that. The official information is the one that the MFA disseminates," concluded the Armenian deputy premier.

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