October 04
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Gayane Martirosyan, the mother of serviceman Zhora Martirosyan who was martyred in the 44-day war in 2020, on Friday was sentenced to four years in prison on the "abduction case" of Ashot Pashinyan, the son of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, but the sentence was not applied conditionally.

A Yerevan court announced the verdict a little while ago, finding Martirosyan guilty of the charge and sentencing her to prison for four years. But counting Martirosyan's time already in custody, she was sentenced to imprisonment for three years and eleven months.

The court, however, decided not to apply the sentence conditionally, setting a probation period of one year.

The preventive measure of detention against Martirosyan was removed, and she was released from the courtroom.

Martirosyan's defense attorneys were going to motion for an acquittal, claiming an absence of corpus delicti, but Martirosyan pleaded guilty and requested a speedy trial.

On May 17, information was spread that a group of members of the "Call of Sons" NGO had tried to abduct Ashot Pashinyan, the son of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Ashot Pashinyan had submitted a complaint to the police, after which the Investigative Committee of Armenia opened a criminal case on charges of abduction, and Gayane Martirosyan was arrested along the lines of this criminal case.

But on June 5, it was announced that the aforesaid restraining order against Martirosyan was commuted to house arrest. On the same day, however, the Yerevan criminal court decided to commuter this house arrest to one month and fifteen days in custody.

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