September 24
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The statistical updates of the day are presented in Friday’s bulletin of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) government. The results are as follows, in particular:

About 1,405 people have been deprived of the opportunity to receive necessary medical treatment due to suspension of planned surgeries in all medical facilities of Artsakh increasing by about 15 cases in the last 3 days.

As of today, 441 patients have been transferred from Artsakh to Armenia to receive appropriate medical care with the mediation and accompaniment of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Because of the Azerbaijani additional obstacles the activities of the ICRC  had been  suspended for almost a month, the transfers were restored the other day. Due to the Red Cross not having an ambulance and only being able to transport patients with an ordinary vehicle, it is not possible to transport patients needing to lay down because Azerbaijan has obstructed the movement of Artsakh ambulances.

Around 3,900 people, including 550 children, have been separated from their homes as a result of the blockade, however, some have already returned home with the assistance of the Red Cross and Russian peacekeepers.

No citizen travelled freely along the Stepanakert-Goris highway (Lachin (Kashatagh)  corridor), and the cases of two-way movement of people decreased by about 207 times, and only with the support of the Red Cross and RF peacekeepers (instead of 441.000 people in 180 days, 2,135  entry and exit. In the last 3 days, only 134 cases of entry and exit of citizens were registered who returned to their homes accompanied by peacekeepers or left for Armenia due to urgent humanitarian needs).

Not a single vehicle of Artsakh citizens passed through the blocked road, and the movement vehicles was almost 59 times less than it should have been without the blockade (instead of 165,600  2,842  vehicles entered and exited in 180 days, and that only by Red Cross and Russian peacekeepers). That means only 38 vehicle entries and exits were recorded in the last 3 days.

About 13 times less vital goods were imported by the Red Cross and Russian peacekeepers than should have been without the blockade (5.466 tons instead of about 72,000 tons in 180 days, only 143 tons of which in the last 3 days).

During the blockade, Azerbaijan completely or partially interrupted the sole gas supply into Artsakh for a total of 114 days, and electricity supply has been completely disrupted for 151 days. This has led to daily blackouts and additional emergency shutdowns, resulting in many facilities closing or curtailing operations.

860 business entities (20,1 % of the total) have suspended their activities due to the impossible operating conditions under the blockade, while the remaining operate partially or with state support.

At estimated 10,900 people (including state-supported temporary work placements and more than 50% of private sector workers) have lost jobs and sources of income as a result of the impact on the economy from the blockade and disruptions of vital infrastructure.

Construction work of 32.6 kilometers of roads, tens of kilometers of water lines, irrigation systems for thousands of hectares of land, 3,717 apartments, and more than 40 social and industrial infrastructures have been stopped.

During the blockade, the economy of Artsakh suffered a loss of around 342 million US dollars, leading to decline of the predicted annual GDP index (903 million dollars) by more than 38 percent.

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