June 19
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A significant part of the Armenian society has a consensus that the current authorities should leave power because the changes, the programs they implemented, do not meet the demands of the society. Mesrop Arakelyan, head of the Country to Live party election headquarters for the upcoming elections of the Yerevan Council of Elders, stated this during a press conference Wednesday.

"But apart from that, there is an important consensus that the return of the former [authorities] is ruled out. Regarding those two ideas, the majority of society's position is that the present ones should go, but the former ones should not return in any way. We are the [political] force that proposes such a policy with a professional team," he added.

Referring to their chances in the aforesaid Yerevan elections, Arakelyan said: "Our propaganda carried out until this moment and public reaction lead to our expectations being met. We are going [to the Yerevan elections] to win. And with our policies and activities, we rule out and have ruled out any collaboration with former or present [political] forces. We don't have the system of values that the current and previous authorities have."

And when asked whether the Country to Live party’s collaboration with the Mother Armenia alliance is also ruled out, Mesrop Arakelyan responded as follows: " We are going [to the Yerevan elections] to win. And if suddenly the people of Yerevan give us a lower vote of confidence and it will be necessary to collaborate with other forces, those forces must answer whether or not they collaborate with us. Our collaboration will be based on two important principles: zero tolerance for corruption, and Yerevan and the state system should be governed by people who are proficient in that domain, regardless of the degree of engagement in political processes."

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