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It seemed the system of “electoral entrepreneurs" was to be part of the archive after 2018 in Armenia, but it is not. Mesrop Arakelyan, head of the Country to Live party election headquarters for the upcoming elections of the Yerevan Council of Elders, stated this during a press conference Wednesday.

"I was born and grew up in this city, I know almost everyone, and today there are people working for the [ruling] CC [(Civil Contract Party)] in the neighborhoods that in 2018 they wanted to flee Armenia at the speed of light so they won’t be tried. And now they are working with such pride for [Yerevan deputy mayor and ruling party’s mayoral candidate] Tigran Avinyan... I have never seen those people working with such enthusiasm during the rule of [Armenia’s ex-Presidents] Serzh Sargsyan or Robert Kocharyan. There are in all neighborhoods. I also know those people. When it is another authorities, for them it is electoral entrepreneurship. They are individual entrepreneurs, they are engaged in their own business [so that] they will ‘catch’ something for themselves. That process has always been [in Armenia], and now, unfortunately, continues.

"If you travel in the city, I assure [you] there is always an election process behind every garage, every building on every sidewalk. Those booths didn't appear by accident. The disfigurement of Yerevan is mainly a consequence of electoral processes. Behind every illegal construction there is such an ‘electoral entrepreneur,’ which continues now," Arakelyan emphasized.

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