December 08
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In accordance with my petition, today I was released from the position of Advisor to the Minister of State. Artak Beglaryan, Advisor to the Minister of State of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), on Thursday announced this on Facebook. He wrote as follows, in particular:

"Dear compatriots,

You are aware of the change of the Minister of State of the Artsakh Republic [(AR)] and the upcoming resignation of the President. I would like to inform that in accordance with my petition, today I was released from the position of Advisor to the Minister of State.

I myself had my own positions and proposals regarding current and previous internal and external developments, which I presented to the President and the Minister of State, emphasizing the constant need for the stability and efficiency of the state system.

Throughout my 11-year public service, I devoted myself to the maximum extent of my values, principles, knowledge, and abilities to my mission of serving the Artsakh Republic and the Armenian people. And in the capacity of Advisor to the Minister of State, I actually coordinated the information work in recent months, as well as assisted the implementation of foreign political and international legal efforts as much as possible.

I believe [that] those who know me well know that whether I am in the state system or not, it doesn't matter, I will continue my service to my Motherland and People, considering a stable and developing state as its indisputable core. Especially in these difficult conditions caused by the blockade and the Azerbaijani genocidal policy, more than ever, all of our efforts should be aimed at ensuring the unshakable and efficient operation of the state system of the Artsakh Republic. Therefore, considering my resignation as a political necessity, at the same time, I have never conditioned my national and public service with persons and status. Therefore, within the framework of my principles and values, I am always ready to support the AR authorities to the maximum in overcoming both external and internal multifaceted challenges.”

As reported earlier, Artsakh Minister of State Gurgen Nersisyan was dismissed today and Samvel Shahramanyan was appointed to that position. And Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan announced that he will submit his resignation to the National Assembly tomorrow.

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