December 12
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All the previous situations were under different circumstances. We are now living in a different reality. Andranik Tevanyan, head of the Mother Armenia bloc, told reporters at the Republic Squares, referring to the remark that, like previous protests, no concrete actions were taken yesterday, there were only  speeches and that's all.

"Now the situation has become even worse, and I think that the broader public must bring about change. And if we talk about radical actions, I myself am in favor of a complete change of power without shocks, which will have a mass effect. This is my approach," he said.

To the remark that in conditions when Artsakh as such no longer exists, what changes will you make, will you return Artsakh after the change of power, Tevanyan answered: "Today we have the problem of losing Armenia. Our actions will be to involve people in this process. We are doing everything we can."   

He disagreed with the view that they had repaid people's hope yesterday. "We have not repaid the debt, this is a false, demagogic statement, nobody takes responsibility. In that sense, we have to be with the people. We don't envision action by attacking, we envision action by giving masses of people and carrying out a change of government to solve security problems. The rest is demagoguery. Everybody thinks that impeachment requires masses."


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