December 03
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Artak Beglaryan, the former State Minister of Artsakh, posted a video on his Facebook page in which he talks about the fate of several children injured and killed as a result of an Azerbaijani rocket attack.

In the video, he is seen with 7-year-old Ruzanna Hayrapetyan from Sarnaghbyur village in the Askeran region.

"When yesterday, on September 19th, the Azerbaijani forces started the genocidal aggression against Artsakh people, they started to indiscriminately shell the village on the populated areas. A group of children and women had been sheltered in a house that got shelled by the Azerbaijani forces. As a result of that at least 5 civilians have been killed, 3 of them are children, and more than 10 people have been wounded including many children, the exact number is yet to be detected. 

Ruzan is among those children, she got leg injuries but fortunately her situation is not critical, the doctors say that she will walk without any problem. Her brother and her sister were also wounded. The elder sister told me that one of the children died on the way to hospital. 2 killed children are missing now, and the parents cannot find the bodies of their children. The brother of these killed children is also wounded and is in a heavy situation and currently is in a children's hospital", he told in the video.

Beglaryan says that relatively the most civilian casualties and injuries happened in Sarnaghbyur village because there was a group of children and women there. 

“This is another example of how the Azerbaijani forces targeted civilian objects, as a result of which many children have been killed and wounded. Now based on initial information we have that these  children have been killed, at least 13 children have been wounded. But it seems like as we continue our fact-finding missions, new incidents are being apparent. That’s why on the upcoming days we will update the data about civilian casualties and especially children casualties”.

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