December 11
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The US Agency for International Development (USAID) will announce on September 26 additional humanitarian support, including monetary support, to people forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh. Samantha Power, Administrator of the USAID, said at press conference in Yerevan on Monday.

"Tomorrow I will announce the provision of additional humanitarian assistance. We will provide necessities, blankets, and hygiene items to help people who left Nagorno-Karabakh and now need help. We are ready to provide food, cash assistance, legal assistance, and shelter to those who need it. We are working closely with the local authorities," the American official emphasized.

According to her, the USA will continue to work with the leadership of Armenia and Azerbaijan, pursuing peace. "Regarding the future, we will continue our cooperation with the people of Armenia in the direction of strengthening democracy and ensuring economic development. These attacks cannot jeopardize the achievements that Armenia has had.

I want to praise Prime Minister Pashinyan and the Armenian people in connection with the democratic reforms that have been achieved since 2018. The fight against corruption, the expansion of civil society activities, issues of ensuring accountability. At the UN General Assembly, Blinken and I received Armenian Foreign Minister Mirzoyan during an event related to democracy. The US is committed to supporting these developments. We support the development of the Anti-Corruption Court, the Investigative committee, we work with the RA government to identify and mitigate the bureaucratic hassles that exist for business," said Power.

She emphasized that the US has allocated 3,3 billion dollars to Armenia since 1992. "Armenia has recorded historical progress in the areas of its independence, sovereignty and democracy. I want you to know that even in this crisis, you have a friendly and reliable partner in the person of the United States," Power emphasized.

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