December 01
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On September 19, Azerbaijan launched an all-out attack on Nagorno Karabakh. They bombed civilian areas and used illegal cluster bombs. 50,000 people – nearly half the population – were driven out of their homes. With this war, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world has been destroyed. Many of the world’s oldest churches are now in danger of being desecrated or demolished. Christian solidarity International (CSI) informs about this on the organization’s website.

"CSI’s commitment to the Armenian people – the first Christian nation – is ongoing. We have rushed aid to southern Armenia to meet the influx of 120,000 refugees from Nagorno Karabakh. Their road to resettlement will be long and difficult. We are working with partners in Armenia to meet these needs.

We are also in discussions with Vardan Tadevosyan to reestablish the Caroline Cox Rehabilitation Centre inside Armenia. For over 20 years, the Centre provided state-of-the-art care in Karabakh to people with disabilities and wounds from the wars in 1988-1994, 2016, and 2020. God willing, that work will continue.

The threat to the Armenian people is not over. The Armenian Genocide has been proceeding in phases since 1894. The ideologies of Islamic supremacy and pan-Turkic nationalism seem to demand the destruction of this stubbornly free Christian people in their midst. Already, Turkey and Azerbaijan are making threatening moves towards southern Armenia, and Azerbaijani state propaganda has declared most or all of the Republic of Armenia to be “Western Azerbaijan,” to which “we must return,” the statement says.

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