November 29
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During a session in the National Assembly on October 3, MP Armen Khachatryan from the Civil Contract faction voiced his strong objections to a statement made by UN Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric following a UN mission's visit to Nagorno-Karabakh. He read excerpts from the statement, expressing his outrage as a citizen of Armenia.

Khachatryan highlighted a specific part of the statement where the UN team mentioned visiting the city of ‘Khankendi’ and evaluating healthcare and education on the spot. He questioned the mention of healthcare and education in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), a region with virtually no residents, and condemned the lack of acknowledgement of the destruction evident in videos of Stepanakert and other settlements.

"’The mission did not notice any destroyed agricultural infrastructure or dead animals on the roads.’ How wonderful! There are videos showing the bombings of our Stepanakert and other settlements, they could could go directly to those addresses and see what had happened, but they did not see it, there was no one to show them!” he said.

Khachatryan also pointed out that access to Nagorno-Karabakh was not limited for 30 years, implying that the UN could have visited the region earlier.

The speaker also stated: ‘We didn't have access to Nagorno-Karabakh for 30 years, that's why we didn't go there. The roads of Nagorno-Karabakh were always open, they could go there at any time. How come the tourists were able to go there, but the UN couldn't? Artsakh was blockaded for 9 months, how come they never expressed a desire to go there to understand what was happening there?” said Khachatryan.

He criticized the mission's surprise over the sudden departure of the local population, emphasizing that after nine months of hardship, people were trying to escape hunger and suffering.

In conclusion, Khachatryan asked UN Secretary-General Dujarric, "Are you serious?" and stated that such a statement damages the UN's reputation.

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